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Making available our Hermetic Plain Pouch for Spices, Hermetic Storage Bag, Hermetic Plain Pouch for Grain, Etc.

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About Us

Save Grain Advanced Solutions Private Limited is a Pune, Maharashtra, India based company that began its operations as a manufacturer of Hermetic Bag for Grain Storage, Hermetic Plain Pouch for Coffee, Hermetic Plain Pouch for Spices and other packaging bags. Our company began in the year 2016 with a thought of providing the best storage and packaging solutions to agriculture sector. 

We believe agriculture is the largest sector that supports the economy but lacks appropriate infrastructure for storage of agro produce. According to reports, approximate 55% to 60% of agro products yearly are compromised either by qualitative or quantitative damage. This problem arises right after harvesting is done and storage begins. To give this problem solution, we have entered in the industry.

We have a skillful team having great knowledge of Polymer Sciences and Advanced Chemical Synthesis. We work not only at national level but also international level by conducting many exhibitions. We have been investing in research and experiment to introduce excellent packaging solutions. 

Our fine collection of bags possesses ultra-high barrier films and is made using advanced Japanese technology having EVOH (Gas barrier polymer) inside. In a bag, a user can store upto 100 kg of food grains in their original state for nearly 2 to 2.5 years. Our bags prove natural means of storage because these do not harm environment.

SaveGrain Bags Application

Our array of Hermetic Bag for Corn, Hermetic Bag for Tea Storage and other bags is used for safely packaging and storing seeds, lentils, cereals, dry fruits, flour, herbs, spices, peanuts, food grains and a host of other food products. These bags retain quality of food items and promote secure shipment from one location to another.

SaveGrain Bags Advantages

  • Quality: Our bags retain quality of food products by preserving moisture content.
  • Quantity: No damage to packed food products is caused when these are properly sealed and shut in our bags. 
  • Aroma: Our bags do not let aroma of food items diminish and retain quality for a longer time.
  • Germination: Our bags provide protection from polluting agents and ensure quality germination of grains packed in bags.
  • No-Chemicals: No harmful chemicals are used in making these bags rather our bags save these completely. 
  • Oxidation: Our bags are airtight, thus reducing oxidation chances of food grains.

 How Do These Bags Work? 

These bags are having 5 layers and one of the layers is of EVOH (Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol) resin. EVOH resin has the highest oxygen barrier property amongst all plastic polymers available in the world. These bags do not allow outside oxygen to come inside the bag. Already existing insects inside the bags inhale oxygen and gives off CO2.

As a result,  CO2 level increases and kills the living insects. Since there would be no further oxygen coming inside, so there would be no insects growing further. Basically these bags create  Anaerobic environment inside the bags. 

So, no insects can survive in such an Anaerobic environment.